Research Seminars

Geometric analysis on graphs

Selected topics in geometric analysis (Fall 2021)


2. 2021/9/28: Detailed references and further reading materials added!

1. Lecture room 2604: 2(15:55-17:30); 4(14:00-15:35).

Lectures and references

Lecture 1 Introduction; Harmonic functions on graphs.

Lecture 2 Laplacian; Courant's minimax principle; Bipartite graphs.

Lecture 3 Complete graphs; Diameter and the second eigenvalue.

Lecture 4 Examples of eigenvalue and eigenfunctions: cycles; Cartesian products; Hypercubes.

Lecture 5 Discrete nodal domain theorem.

Lecture 6 Islands of strong nodal domains.

Lecture 7 Vertex degree, graph genus and strong nodal domains.

Lecture 8 Convergence to equilibrium; Cheeger inequality.

Lecture 9 Distribution of random walks; dual Cheeger constant.

Lecture 10 Dual Cheeger inequality; Harary's balance Theorem.

Lecture 11 Zaslavsky's switching lemma; Signed Laplacian.

Lecture 12 Cheeger constant on signed graphs.

Lecture 13 Cheeger inequality on signed graphs; Multi-way Cheeger constants.

Lecture 14 Higher order Cheeger inequalities on signed graphs.

Lecture 15 Padded random partition.

Lecture 16 Metric and Measure doubling dimensions; Improved Cheeger inequality I.

Lecture 17 Improved Cheeger inequality II.

Lecture 18 Higher order Improved Cheeger inequality; Curvature for signed graphs.

Lecture 19 Heat semigroups and related characterization of curvature on signed graphs.

Lecture 20 Buser type inequalities and eigenvalue ratio estimates.

Lecture 21 Lichnerowicz estimate; Normalized heat diffusion.

Lecture 22 Nica Theorem; Heat kernel on infinite graphs.

Lecture 23 Dirichlet heat kernel; Exhaustion via finite connected subgraphs.

Lecture 24 Convergence to the kernel of operator exponential.

Lecture 25 Stochastic completeness.

Lecture 26 Curvature revisited: lower bound; Ricci flat graphs.

Lecture 27 Gradient estimate; Stochatic completeness revisited; Diameter bounds.

Lecture 28 Rigidity properties of the hypercube: curvature and distance function.

Lecture 29 Eigenvalue sharpness and distance function; Hypercube shell structure (I).

Lecture 30 Hypercube shell structure (II); Small sphere and non-clustering properties

Lecture 31 Graphs satisfying HSS+regularity+SSP+NCP are hypercubes

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