[How to pronounce my name :  Yongqi Liang ]  
  Yong(永) means always/forever 永远,  
  Qi(祺) means fortunate/happy 幸福.  
  Professor Yongqi Liang  
  School of Mathematical Sciences,  
  University of Science and Technology of China,  
  96 Jinzhai Road,  
  230026 Hefei, China  
CV 简历   中国科学技术大学(东区),数学科学学院。  
Research 科学研究      
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Very brief CV 浓缩版简历  


2001-2005 Bachelor - Wuhan University      
                   本科 - 武汉大学数学基地班      
2005-2006 Chinese Academy of Sciences      
                   研究生 - 中国科学院数学与系统研究院数学所   We can discuss math in 我们可以用以下语言讨论数学  
2006-2008 Master - Padova University / Université Paris-Sud 11 (Erasmus ALGANT)   Cantonese 粤语  
                   硕士 - 意大利帕多瓦大学和法国巴黎第十一大学(ALGANT项目)   Mandarin Chinese 中文  
2008-2012 Ph.D. - Université Paris-Sud 11   English 英语  
                   博士 - 法国巴黎第十一大学   Français 法语  
2012-2018 Maître de conférences - Université Paris Diderot - Paris 7      
                   讲师(长聘) - 法国巴黎第七大学      
2018-         Professor - University of Science and Technology of China      
                   教授 - 中国科学技术大学      

Teaching and Graduate Guidance 教学与指导研究生  


Webpage available only in Chinese 教学与指导研究生(仅中文网页)      
For postdoc positions : please contact me by email.      
申请博士后位置:请直接电子邮件联系我。 招聘      

Upcoming conferences 最近会议  


Untitled conference on algebraic geometry 未命名代数几何会议 Qile CHEN(Boston College) Yongqi LIANG(USTC) Lei ZHANG(USTC) planned in 14-20 June 2020 (Cancelled due to COVID-19)   国内代数几何相关会议汇总
国际会议汇总  算术几何  数论  代数几何

Young Mathematicians Academic Forum - Séminaire Mathjeunes@CNU 青年数学家学术论坛 Yongqi LIANG(USTC) Shun TANG(CNU) Jilong TONG(CNU)  postponed to ?? due to COVID-19, Beijing, Capital Normal University首都师范大学      

Cross Strait Workshop on Arithmetic Geometry 第三届海峡两岸算术几何研讨会Yongqi LIANG(USTC) Chia-Fu YU(Academia Sinica) planned in 2021, Hefei USTC      

An international conference on Iwasawa theory 岩泽理论国际会议 Yongqi LIANG(USTC) Yi OUYANG (USTC) Shanwen WANG(SCMS Fudan University) planned in 2022, Hefei USTC      

Conference organization 会议组织  


Young Mathematicians Academic Forum - Séminaire Mathjeunes@USTC 青年数学家学术论坛(5-11 May 2019 Hefei China 合肥)Organizers: Yongqi LIANG(USTC) Zicheng QIAN(Paris-sud) Xiaozong WANG(Paris-sud)      

南方科技大学青年数学家学术论坛 SUSTech Young Mathematicians Academic Forum - On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Séminaire Mathjeunes (23-28 July 2018, Shenzhen China)      

Research 科学研究  


    [ last update: 2 March 2019 ]  
research fields 研究领域      
Algebraic Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometry 代数数论与算术几何      
Mathematics Subject Classification 数学分类目录 MSC2020 :  14G12      
key words 关键字:      
local-global principle, weak/strong approximation, Brauer-Manin obstruction, cohomological obstructions, rational points, integral points, zero-cycles      
Find my papers in MathSciNet (id. auteur : 985656)        arXiv      
please write to me for postdoc positions 博士后/特任副研究员 招聘      
  • 12 - Approximation forte sur un produit de variétés abéliennes épointé en des points de torsion. To appear in Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society.(arXiv version)
  • 11 - (with Yang Cao and Fei Xu) Arithmetic purity of strong approximation for homogeneous spaces. Journal de Mathématiques Pures et Appliquées, volume 132(2019), 334-368. Online. (arXiv version)
  • 10 - Approximation faible pour les 0-cycles sur un produit de variétés rationnellement connexes. Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, Volume 164, Issue 3 (2018), 485-491. Online. (arXiv version)
  • 9 - Progress concerning the local-global principle for zero-cycles on algebraic varieties. Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics, Volume 46, no. 4 (2016), 1293-1308. Online.
  • 8 - Local-global principle for 0-cycles on fibrations over rationally connected bases. Advances in Mathematics 297 (2016), 214-237. Online. (arXiv version)
  • 7 - The local-global exact sequence for Chow groups of zero-cycles. Mathematical Research Letters, Volume 22, no. 1(2015), 169-182. Online. (arXiv version)
  • 6 - Towards the Brauer-Manin obstruction on varieties fibred over the projective line. Journal of Algebra, Volume 413 (2014), 50-71. Online. (arXiv version)
  • 5 - (with Yang Cao) Local-global principle for certain biquadratic normic bundles. Acta Arithmetica 164 (2014), 137-144. Online. (arXiv version with more details)
  • 4 - Principe local-global pour les zéro-cycles sur certaines fibrations au-dessus de l'espace projectif. Bulletin de la Société Mathématique de France 142, fascicule 2 (2014), 269-301. Online. (arXiv version)
  • 3 - Arithmetic of 0-cycles on varieties defined over number fields. Annales Scientifiques de l'École Normale Supérieure 46, fascicule 1 (2013), 35-56. Online. (arXiv version)
  • 2 - Astuce de Salberger et zéro-cycles sur certaines fibrations. International Mathematics Research Notices, Volume 2013, no. 3 (2013) , 665-692. Online. (arXiv version) Corrigendum
  • 1 - Principe local-global pour les zéro-cycles sur certaines fibrations au-dessus d'une courbe : I. Mathematische Annalen, Volume 353, Issue 4 (2012), 1377-1398. Springerlink Online First. (arXiv version)
Preprints and work in progress.      
  • Non-invariance of  weak approximation properties under extension of the ground field. (arXiv version)
  • Compatibility of weak approximation for zero-cycles on products of varieties. (arXiv version)
Some other notes      
Ph. D. thesis      
Principe local-global pour les zéro-cycles (in French)      
Defended the 4th October 2011(Slides)      
Thesis advisor : Prof. David Harari      
Rapporteurs : B. Poonen, P. Salberger      
Jury : J.-L. Colliot-Thélène, H. Esnault (Présidente), D. Harari, B. Kahn, P. Salberger, O. Wittenberg      
Master thesis      
Quelques théorèmes de dualité en arithmétique (in French) [Slides]      
Hensel域上的局部算术对偶定理 (in Chinese)      
Some other texts      
Talks for undergraduate students 科普报告      
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