Xuejin Chen 陈雪锦


National Engineering Laboratory for Brain-inspired Intelligence Technology and Application

University of Science and Technology of China

Address:    P.O.Box 4, Dept. 6, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui, China, 230027

Email: xjchen99 AT

Tel:    (+86)551-63600852




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  I obtained Ph.D. and B.S in Department of Electronic Science and Technology in University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) in 2008 and 2003. My Ph.D. supervisor was Dr. Harry Shum. I worked in Visual Computing Group in Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) as a research intern under supervision of Dr. Ying-Qing Xu and Dr. Sing Bing Kang since July 2004 to Aug. 2008. During 2008~2010, I worked with Prof. Julie Dorsey and Prof. Holly Rushmeier on sketching related projects at Computer Graphics Lab at Yale. I joined School of Information Science in USTC since 2010. I visited Stanford University and worked in Prof Leonidas Guibas's Lab as a visiting associate professor from Feb 2017 to Aug. 2017. My research interests include image-based 3D modeling, sketch-based content creation, and medical image analysis.

dot News

[2024-3-1] Two papers have been accepted by CVPR 2024.

[2024-1-16] Two papers have been accepted by ICLR 2024.

[2023-12-9] Our paper "Learning Multimodal Volumetric Features for Large-Scale Neuron Tracing" have been accepted by AAAI 2024.

[2023-12-5] Our paper "Region-Enhanced Feature Learning for Scene Semantic Segmentation" have been accepted by IEEE Trans. Multimedia.

[2023-7-15] Two papers have been conditionally accepted by ICCV 2023.

[2023-6-24] Our paper "Class-Aware Feature Alignment for Domain Adaptative Mitochondria Segmentation" has been provisionally accepted for presentation MICCAI 2023.

[2023-3-1] Our paper "Paint by Example: Exemplar-based Image Editing with Diffusion Models"[Paper] [ Project ] has been accepted by CVPR 2023.

[2023-1-23] Our paper "Semantics-Preserving Sketch Embedding for Face Generation"[Project] has been accepted by IEEE Trans. Multimedia.

[2022-9-17] Our paper "Graph Representation Learning for Large-scale Neuronal Morphological Analysis”has been accepted at IEEE Trans. Neural Networks and Learning Systems.

[2022-6-4] Our paper "Self-Supervised Learning of Morphological Representation for 3D EM Segments with Cluster-Instance Correlations" has been accepted by MICCAI 2022.

dot Selected Publications


UC-NERF: Neural Radiance Field for under-calibrated multi-view cameras [Project][PDF]
Kai Cheng, Xiaoxiao Long, Wei Yin, Jin Wang, Zhiqiang Wu, Yuexin Ma, Kaixuan Wang, Xiaozhi Chen, Xuejin Chen*, ICLR, 2024.


MovingParts: Motion-based 3D Part Discovery in Dynamic Radiance Field [Project][PDF]
Kaizhi Yang, Xiaoshuai Zhang, Zhiao Huang, Xuejin Chen, Zexiang Xu, Hao Su. ICLR (spotlight), 2024

TMM-Scene Segmentation

Region-Enhanced Feature Learning for Scene Semantic Segmentation [PDF]
Xin Kang, Chaoqun Wang, Xuejin Chen*, IEEE Trans. Multimedia, 2024.


Learning Multimodal Volumetric Features for Large-Scale Neuron Tracing [Project][PDF]
Qihua Chen, Xuejin Chen*, Chenxuan Wang, Yixiong Liu, Zhiwei Xiong, Feng Wu, AAAI, 2024.

Sketch Face

Semantics-Preserving Sketch Embedding for Face Generation[Project][PDF]
Binxin Yang, Xuejin Chen*, Chaoqun Wang, Chi Zhang, Zihan Chen, Xiaoyan Sun, IEEE Trans. Multimedia, vol. 25, 2023, pp 8657-8671.


DPF-Net: Combining Explicit Shape Prior in Deformable Primitive Field for Unsupervised Structural Reconstruction of 3D Objects [Project][PDF]
Qingyao Shuai, Chi Zhang, Kaizhi Yang, Xuejin Chen*, ICCV, 2023.


Task-Independent Knowledge Makes for Transferable Representations for Generalized Zero-Shot Learning[Project] [PDF][Code]
Chaoqun Wang, Xuejin Chen*, Shaobo Min, Xiaoyan Sun, Houqiang Li, AAAI, 2021.


Dual Progressive Prototype Network for Generalized Zero-Shot Learning [Project][PDF][Code]
Chaoqun Wang, Shaobo Min, Xuejin Chen*, Xiaoyan Sun, Houqiang Li. NeurIPS, 2021.


S2R-DepthNet: Learning a Generalizable Depth-Specific Structural Representation [Paper] [Code]
Xiaotian Chen, Yuwang Wang, Xuejin Chen, Wenjun Zeng, CVPR 2021 (oral).


Unsupervised Learning for Cuboid Shape Abstraction via Joint Segmentation from Point Clouds [Paper][Code]
Kaizhi Yang and Xuejin Chen*, ACM Trans. Graph., vol. 40(4), 152:1-11, 2021.


Structure-Guided Deep Video Inpainting [Pdf]
Chaoqun Wang, Xuejin Chen*, Shaobo Min, Jiaping Wang, Zheng-Jun Zha, IEEE Trans. Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, vol. 31(8), 2953-2965, Aug. 2021.


Laplacian Pyramid Neural Network for Dense Continuous-Value Regression for Complex Scenes [Pdf][Project][Code]
Xuejin Chen, Xiaotian Chen, Yiteng Zhang, Tongfeng Zhang, Xueyang Fu, Zheng-Jun Zha, IEEE Trans. Neural Networks and Learning Systems, , Vol. 32(11), pp 5034-5046, Nov. 2021..


DeepFacePencil: Creating Face Images from Freehand Sketches [Pdf][Project][Code]
Yuhang Li, Xuejin Chen*,Binxin Yang, Zhihua Cheng, Zihan Chen, Zheng-Jun Zha, ACM Multimedia 2020 .


Reconstructing Piecewise Planar Scenes with Multi-view Regularization[Pdf]
Weijie Xi, Xuejin Chen*, Computational Visual Media 2019
(Honorable Mention Award).


Neuronal population reconstruction from ultra-scale optical microscopy images via progressive learning[Project]
Jie Zhao, Xuejin Chen*, Zhiwei Xiong, Dong Liu, Junjie Zeng, Chaoyu Xie, Yueyi Zhang, Zheng-Jun Zha, Guoqiang Bi, Feng Wu, IEEE Trans. on Medical Imaging, vol 39(12), 2020.


Accurate Segmentation of Synaptic Cleft with Contour Growing Concatenated with a ConvNet [Pdf]
Sahobo Min, Xuejin Chen*, Hongtao Xie, Zheng-Jun Zha, Feng Wu, Yongdong Zhang, ICIP, 2019.


LinesToFacePhoto: Face Photo Generation From Lines With Conditional Self-Attention Generative Adversarial Networks [Pdf]
Yuhang Li, Xuejin Chen*, Feng Wu, Zheng-Jun Zha, ACM Multimedia 2019 .


Ground-Aware Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation for Autonomous Driving [Project][Pdf]
Jian Wu, Jianbo Jiao, Qingxiong Yang, Zheng-Jun Zha, Xuejin Chen*, ACM Multimedia 2019.


Structure-Aware Residual Pyramid Network for Monocular Depth Estimation[Project][Pdf]
Xiaotian Chen, Xuejin Chen*, Zheng-Jun Zha, IJCAI 2019 .


Preventing Self-Intersection with Cycle Regularization in Neural Networks for Mesh Reconstruction from a Single RGB Image [Project][Pdf]
Siyu Hu, Xuejin Chen*, Computer-Aided Geometric Design, vol. 72, pages 84 - 97, 2019.


A Two-Stream Mutual Attention Network for Semi-supervised Biomedical Segmentation with Noisy Labels[PDF]
Shaobo Min, Xuejin Chen*, Zheng-Jun Zha, Feng Wu, Yongdong Zhang, AAAI, 2019.


Automatic Generation of Vivid LEGO Architectural Sculptures[PDF]
Jie Zhou, Xuejin Chen*, Ying-Qing Xu, Computer Graphics Forum, vol. 38(6), pages 31-42, 2019.


Point Sets Joint Registration and Co-Segmentation[PDF]
Siyu Hu, Xuejin Chen*, Xin Tong, The Visual Computer, 2018.


Designing Deployable 3D Scissor Structures with Ball-and-Socket Joints. [PDF]
Xuejin Chen*, Haoming Jiang, Tingting Xuan, Lihan Huang and Ligang Liu, Journal Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds, vol 30(1), pages 1-13, 2019.


Sketch-Based Tree Modeling Using Markove Random Filed [PDF][Video(divx)]
Xuejin Chen, Boris Nerburt, Ying-Qing Xu, Oliver Deussen, Sing Bing Kang, ACM Siggraph Asia and Transactions on Graphics, Vol. 27, No. 5, 2008.


Sketching Reality: Realistic Interpretation of Architectural Designs [PDF][Video(divx)]
Xuejin Chen, Sing Bing Kang, Ying-Qing Xu, Julie Dorsey, Heung-Yeung Shum, ACM Transactions on Graphics, Vol. 27, No. 2, April 2008.


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