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Introduction to Quantum Information


Hefei National Research Center for Physical Sciences at the Microscale and School of Physical Sciences,

CAS Center for Excellence and Synergetic Innovation Center in Quantum Information and Quantum Physics

University of Science and Technology of China


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Course Description


This course is open to all graduate students and undergraduates. The final grades are based on a report about quantum information (20%, the subject can be arbitrary, which is preferably related to your current research project, recent progress or your own ideas along one specific area on theoretical or experimental quantum information), final exam (60%), homework and attendance of the class (20%).


Spring 2023



Number of Students: unlimited; currently about 60 for a total number of graduates and undergraduates.

HOURS: Wednesday 14:00 to 15:35, Friday 15:55 am to 17:30.







Prof. Kai Chen, Hefei National Research Center for Physical Sciences at the Microscale and School of Physical Sciences, USTC
Telephone: 0551-63607083

Office: Room 1013-1, Scientific Building B,

Prof. Fei-Hu Xu,





Teaching Assistants:


Shu-Ming Hu, Email:

Jun-Hao Wei, Email:





Students should be familiar with elementary quantum mechanics and some linear algebra.


Reference Books


Quantum Computation and Quantum Information by Michael A. Nielsen & Isaac L. Chuang, Cambridge University Press, 2010.

Principles of Quantum Information Physics by Yong-De Zhang (《量子信息物理原理》张永德, 科学出版社).



Reference Papers

BDSW96 paper:

Charles H. Bennett, David P. DiVincenzo, John A. Smolin, and William K. Wootters, Mixed-state entanglement and quantum error correction,

Phys. Rev. A 54, 3824 (1996).

(This is only for studentsí learning use. One should obey copyright rights of Phys. Rev. A, and should not distribute it for any other use.)


QIP Report requirement


Concerned with basic requirements for final report about quantum information, please refer to this file. You can also have a look about the dissertation requirements of USTC.





The following notes are prepared by Kai Chen, Fei-Hu Xu or guest professors. All rights reserved, the notes should not be used for any commercial purpose, and massive distribution of the notes can be done only with the permission of Kai Chen or the guest professors themselves.



Teaching Materials:



Printable version


QIP2023chapt_0_Kai Chen.pdf


QIP2023chapt_0_Kai Chen_print.pdf


QIP2023chapt_1_Kai Chen.pdf


QIP2023chapt_1_Kai Chen_print.pdf


QIP2023chapt_1_2_Kai Chen.pdf


QIP2023chapt_1_2_Kai Chen_print.pdf


QIP2023chapt_2_Kai Chen.pdf


QIP2023chapt_2_Kai Chen_print.pdf


QIP2023chapt_3_Kai Chen.pdf


QIP2023chapt_3_Kai Chen_print.pdf


QIP2023chapt_4_Kai Chen.pdf


QIP2023chapt_4_Kai Chen_print.pdf


QIP2023chapt_5_Kai Chen.pdf


QIP2023chapt_5_Kai Chen_print.pdf



















Final Review







Teaching Materials from guest professors:








QIP2023 Exercise_1.pdf




QIP2023 Exercise_2.pdf




QIP2023 Exercise_3.pdf




QIP2023 Exercise_4.pdf
















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