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Course personnel

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Yu Zhang 63603804 yuzhang at Tuesday 7:50~11:20 GH-407

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Heterogeneous Computing and oneAPI related resources

Last year's Schedule


Part A: Program Analysis

  • May 30: Pointer Analysis , Abstract Interpretation
  • May 23: Control Flow Analysis (video, ESOP2001-Control-Flow Analysis in Cubic Time), Pointer Analysis (video: 1, 2)
  • May 16: oneAPI by Peng Zhao (poster, slides, Homework) oneDNN Graph API and Compiler by Jianhui Li (poster, paper, slides)
  • May 9: Path Sensitivity (video), Interprocedural Analysis (video)
  • Apr.25: The unification solver and Lattices, Examples of Flow Sensitive Analyses , Widening and Narrowing (video), Path Sensitivity (video)
  • Apr.23: Why Program Analysis & TIP & Type Analysis (TIP-GitHub, tipc, tipc-passes)
  • Apr.18: AST & CFG & Dataflow Analysis
  • Apr.11: Polymorphisms , Overloading and Type Classes , Subtyping
  • Apr.4: Memory Management , Recursion , Control Flow ,
  • Mar.28: Scope , Embedding (code, PyCEAC, PyScan, PyCType), Memory Management
  • Mar.21: Algebraic Data Types [PFPL], Lua , Scope
  • Mar.14: More on Lambda calculus, Statics and Dynamics [PFPL],, Algebraic Data Types [PFPL]
  • Mar.7: Course Info , Fundamentals (Formal Semantics)


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